Data Analyst




  • Using automated tools to extract data from primary and secondary sources
  • Processing data and fixing errors and related problems
  • Developing and maintaning database, data sysTems
  • Reorganizing data in a readable format
  • Performing analysis to assess quality and meaning of data 
  • Filter data by reviewing reports and performance indicators to identify and correct problems
  • Using stastistical tools to identify, analyze and interpret patterns and trends in complex data sets that could be helpful for the diagnosis and prediction 
  • Assigning numerical value to essential busineSs functions so that business performance can be assessed and compared over periods of time
  • Analyzing local, national and global trends that impact both the organization and the industry
  • Preparing reports for the management stating trends, patterns and predictions using relevant data
  • Working with management heads to identify process improvement opportunities
  • Preparing final analysis reports for the stakeholders to understand the data analysis steps, enabling them to take important decisions based on various facts and trends

qualification :

  • Bachelor degree in Mathematics or Accounting
  • Strong mathematical skills to help collect, measure, organize and analyze data
  • Technical proficiency regarding database design development, data models, techniques for data mining and segmentation 
  • Experience in handling reporting packages
  • Proficiency in statistics and statistical packages like excel, spss, sas to be used for data set analyzing
  • Problem solving skills accuracy and attention to detail
  • Adept at queries, writing reports and making presentations
  • Team working skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Proven working experience in data analysi
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